2013 Annual Review

22 December 2013

In 2013, thanks to all our wonderful supporters, 340 people living with cancer enjoyed a respite opportunity via the ‘4 Cancer Group’ with a total of 1,421 respite days. Below is a very small sample of the amazing feedback from people we have helped this year, showing just what a difference we have made  to their lives.

“This was the best day I have had by a long shot since being diagnosed a year ago. Really good to see my husband enjoying himself too. It has given us both a boost… I am feeling excited about the future for the first time since getting my diagnosis and have realised that I can still enjoy myself.” Nicola

“It broke my heart the day I had to sit down with my girls to tell them Mum had found a lump… This precious holiday has meant the world to myself, my partner and our two girls and has allowed us to laugh, have fun and relax as we used to.” Tracie

“I cannot explain the fear, the anxiety, or the size of the lump in the throat that the word cancer can bring. It isn’t just the person that has been diagnosed; cancer affects the person’s whole family. For me, the highlight of our trip was to see a smile on my wife’s face again. To hear her laugh filled me with joy!” Philip

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for a lovely family break. My 5 year old son learned to swim unaided whilst we were there, something I didn’t think I would be around long enough to see and made me a very proud mummy. This wonderful opportunity allowed me to forget how ill I am for a week and enjoy my family without any hospital or medical distractions.” Lisa

“The crew were amazing, friendly, helpful and entertaining. There was a wide variety of things to do on and of the boat. My friend and I had an amazing time.” Caitlyn (Age 12)

“Sail 4 Cancer is an amazing opportunity for us to work as a team, learn new things and to be normal for a short time. It’s the most fun I have had in ages :-)” Kirsty

“Dealing with the effects of Cancer can be a full time job, 4 Cancer gives you the day off.” Ian

“Sail 4 Cancer organised an amazing day of sailing for myself and children. It really helped to lift our spirits after such a difficult time.” Angie

“Sailing with Sail 4 Cancer really boosts all aspects of my life, from my confidence to my sense of well being. I love these trips!” Samuel (Age 17)

“The Sail 4 Cancer day out is a once in a lifetime experience. The young cancer patients we bring from the Youth Cancer Trust say these trips give them such a boost and are a great way to make new friends” James Keating, YCT

“It was lovely to see my husband steering the boat with a great big smile on his face.” Karen

“Me and my sister enjoyed steering the boat because we have never been on one before. The crew was nice and kind especially Bob who made us all laugh and smile the whole way.” Daisy (Age 14)

Next year we’d like to help even more families and individuals like these, so we hope you’ll continue to support us!  In the meantime have a lovely Christmas and all the very best for 2014!

2013 Annual Review
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