4 Cancer Trustee Chooses Europe’s Toughest Marathon

27 October 2011

Long time 4 Cancer trustee Richard Groome is once again looking to push the boundaries and is taking part in Europe’s Toughest Road Marathon this Saturday. The route which encircles Wales highest peak, Snowdon, is not for the faint hearted and even Richard admits “only a fool would chose this as their first ever marathon!”
Starting in Llanberis the marathon begins with an intimidating 4 mile climb (how fitting!) up the notorious Llanberis Pass. It would appear that there is then some respite as the route is downhill for the next 9 miles (isn’t running downhill harder on your muscles though, Rich?) The really bad news however is that the worst climb comes after 21 already gruelling miles.

Commenting on the challenge Rich said:

Having been involved with the charity for many years, I have seen first hand that the impact it has. The funds that we raise really do make a difference to the lives of people who are living in very difficult circumstances.

Whevener I read the letters of thanks that we receive from families that we have had, I realise that the challenge of a cancer diagnosis is far harder than running a marathon. So this one is for them… hopefully I will do all the people who rely on the 4 Cancer Group proud. If you can sponsor me in this challenge, I would be massively grateful.”

Campaign now closed.

4 Cancer Trustee Chooses Europe’s Toughest Marathon
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