Run 4 Cancer is currently searching for partners from which to build a series of powerful cause related marketing programmes. Run 4 Cancer offers a wide variety of opportunities through various levels of involvement.

Cause Related Marketing is one of the most exciting areas in marketing today as it benefits businesses, consumers and society itself. In today's marketing environment where price, quality and functionality are increasingly equal, it is crucial for businesses to create new and additional platforms for sustainable differentiation.

Corporate social responsibility, and the need to be part of the solution to the social problems of the day, is now firmly embedded within any successful business. Seventy percent of Chief Executives report that corporate social responsibility is an essential issue to their business.

In a recent UK study, 37.5 million consumers indicated that linking a product or service to a charity or cause could positively influence their buying behaviour and perceptions of companies. Moreover, in the last year 16.5 million claim to have purchased a product or service because it was linked to a cause.

A carefully planned, communicated and evaluated cause related marketing programme has the potential to engage the hearts and minds of British public and bring enormous rewards to all parties in the partnership.

Potential rewards include:

  • Strengthened corporate reputation
  • Increased brand loyalty among customers
  • Motivated employees and lower staff turnover
  • Reinforced reciprocal relationships with local communities and wider stakeholders
  • Sustained investment and increased interest from investors

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