Brian & Colin Are Going On A Hike

24 August 2017

Something as simple as receiving a letter can make the world of difference to a friend or family member suffering from cancer. All too often we hear that emotional support disappears as patients embark on surgery and treatment, as those close to them just don’t know what to say or how to communicate.

Commenting on the challenge Brian said:

“When I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2010, my friend Alison offered to write letters to cheer me up. The letters became part of my recovery process, and four years on, I am now cancer-free. Through these experiences, Alison and I have teamed up and created ‘From Me to You’ which encourages and guides individuals through the art of letter writing to those affected by cancer. From Me to You is now part of the ‘4 Cancer Group’ charity brand.

A team from PwC, where I used to work, are walking along the 100km Thames Path from Tower Bridge to Henley-on-Thames to raise money for ‘From Me to You’. They start in the morning on Friday, 1st September and will walk all day and through the night until they reach the finish line, sometime on the Saturday. I will be joining them for the last 25km, along with my dog Colin. Colin’s legs are rather short so I suspect I’ll be walking and Colin will be carried for part of the way. We’re both going to need all the support we can get! Thank you so much.” Brian

Please sponsor Brian and Colin and leave your words of encouragement below! Thank you.

(Campaign now closed)

Run 4 Cancer – About Us

Set up by a team of running enthusiasts, all of whom have lost a family member or a friend to cancer, Run 4 Cancer is primarily a provider of days out and short-breaks for British families affected by cancer. We also make grants to UK based care institutions and support research into the positive effects of exercise (e.g. running) and how it can help with cancer prevention and recovery.

Brian & Colin Are Going On A Hike
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