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The 'Famous 4' tackle Machu Pichu

Run 4 Cancer - About Us

Set up by a team of running enthusiasts, all of whom have lost a family member or a friend to cancer, Run 4 Cancer is primarily a provider of days out and short-breaks for British families affected by cancer. We also make grants to UK based care institutions and support research into the positive effects of exercise (e.g. running) and how it can help with cancer prevention and recovery.

On 6th October 2014, four intrepid explorers will get completely out of their comfort zones, strap on their backpacks, shun their normal luxuries and head off to Peru to tackle the Inca Trail.

This is a very different trip to their normal routines and holidays and undoubtedly will be a tough and interesting challenge!

The lads have fully self funded the trip and decided that they wanted to raise funds for Run 4 Cancer and below are their individual perspectives on why they're doing it.


Sean Donovan

It's a milestone year - hitting the big 50!

So rather than get a sports car or start wearing inappropriate clothing that is far too young for me, I thought that a new challenge was needed - trekking day after day in hot and humid conditions, coping with high altitude when I normally get a nosebleed in a lift and not to mention no pie n mash shops or West Ham within about 5000 miles of the route, this is not going to be easy (and that's without mentioning the inoculations beforehand!).

However, the work that the 4 Cancer Group do in providing respite care REALLY makes a difference to the quality of life for cancer sufferers and their families - providing sunshine moments during some really dark and gruelling times.

Chris Roberts


An office based manager, Chris thinks he's fit and wants to test his agility in his first ever organised trek.

"I'm looking forward to the trek, experiencing life under canvass but not particularly the opportunity to share a tent with Chets.

The 'opportunity' to have such a great experience along the Inca Trail is not lost on me, and to know that I'm doing this for a such good cause makes it even more special.

If as a team we can make one person's life easier as a result of our adventure it will make it even more worthwhile".

Chets Modi


Trekking is something that I am passionate about and I couldn't think of a better place to go than Machu Pichu - with the 3 wise (old) men!

Cancer is something that has affected close members of family and friends over the last few years and when you see your loved ones suffering, it really puts things into perspective. Family and friends also go through the trauma and that's why the efforts of the 4 Cancer Group is so unique and admirable - their respite for the patient and their family is just amazing. I first got involved with this charity about 18 months ago and was blown away by the passion of its members and what they want to achieve.

with your help we will raise funds to aid a unique and wonderful cause. And please remember, each and every penny that you kindly donate will go to the 4 Cancer Group Charity. So please, please, please...dig deep!

Martin Truscott

photo (2)

Anyone that knows me will tell you that this "trek" couldn't be more outside my comfort zone if I tried.

  • Altitude... I am scared of heights
  • Humidity... I sweat like a pig
  • Tents... not unless it has hot and cold running water and 100% Egyptian cotton sheets
  • Inoculations... needles terrify me

But like my fellow trekker Sean I am also following Chris into the twilight years (although he definitely has a few more years on his clock than I do) so I have started to turn my attention to a bucket list of which Machu Picchu is without doubt in my top 10 things to do before I depart this world.

What could be better than to combine the experience of the Inca Trail with doing something to support such a great cause.


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+ £5.00
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Congratulations guys, sounds like you a hoot, including Mr Roberts keeping entertainment levels high..... "I'm so happy"
From Brett Green


+ £6.25
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Fairplay, great effort!!!
From p mccarthy


+ £12.50
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Sean and Guys well done a great achievement for a great charity
From David Dickinson


+ £10.00
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Heard you were all "brilliant"!!
From G Thomas


+ £5.00
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Well done to my brother Chris Roberts and his friends, really proud of you all a tough challenge for a worthy cause.
From Mrs Celia J Cosby


+ £2.50
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Well done all. A fantastic achievement! Guess I now owe you cake!


+ £6.25
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Good job Sean and fellow trekkers. A fabulous experience and a great cause. Leigh & Debbie x
From Mr Leigh Edwards


+ £5.00
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no message
From SL Freer


+ £5.00
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Well done guys, great cause
From Mr I James


+ £2.50
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Good luck!
From Mrs KA Tullett

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