Mel House Goes To Paris

22 November 2017

On Sunday 8 April 2018, Mel House will be joining thousands of others taking part in the Pairs Marathon.

The Paris Marathon is one of the most popular marathons in Europe. A scenic race through a beautiful city, passing many iconic sights.

Commenting on her challenge, Mel said:

“Dear Friends, I’m turning 40 on December 6th! To meaningfully mark this moment in my life, I have decided to do two things:

• Run the 2018 Paris Marathon
• Raise money for Run 4 Cancer

As you may know, I’ve run the NYC marathon twice. But I’ve never participated in an international marathon and it’s a BIG BUCKET LIST goal.

Usually when I run, I go within. My imagination weaves elaborate fantasies and I can run miles and miles without really feeling/noticing what’s going on with my body. I usually feel strong and happy. LOVE Endorphines!

But this year, I’m actively seeking an experience of deeper presence – my own spiritual challenge/quest. I want to stay out in the world, rather then lost in my imagination, to see and experience every moment of the race, and everything that my body goes through, with my senses. If you want to know more about this, we can talk…

For years I’ve had a crush on Paris – the beauty, style, architecture, art, food, joie de vivre! I’d like to bring a little of Paris’ beauty and charm into my next 40 years on the planet. This is my chance to soak it up and see where it takes me!

It would mean so much to me to channel our collective energy to support families dealing with cancer. To recognize and pay tribute to the interdependent nature of our humanity. And to give thanks for the millions of small miracles I receive each year, often perpetuated by people that I may not notice or recognize.

For these reasons and so much more, I’ve decided to support Run 4 Cancer with my run. Run 4 Cancer offers families living with the burden of cancer opportunities for relief and joy. Won’t you be someone’s guardian angel today and make a donation? As always, your name will appear on my jersey and you’ll be with me in spirit as I train, run and cross that finish line!

Thanks for considering. With love always,


(Campaign now closed)

Run 4 Cancer – About Us

Set up by a team of running enthusiasts, all of whom have lost a family member or a friend to cancer, Run 4 Cancer is primarily a provider of days out and short-breaks for British families affected by cancer. We also make grants to UK based care institutions and support research into the positive effects of exercise (e.g. running) and how it can help with cancer prevention and recovery.

Mel House Goes To Paris
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