Natalie Greenaway Runs London

04 April 2013

On the 21st of April 2013, long time ‘4 Cancer Group’ supporter Natalie Greenaway will be running 26.2 miles – the full London Marathon – in aid of Run 4 Cancer!

Commenting on her challenge Natalie said:

“The last year has been a wonderful year for me with lots of great things happening. A fantastic relationship, moving abroad, lots of exciting new challenges and loads of things to look forward to in a bright unknown.

It’s also been a year where I’ve been reminded exactly how lucky I am by seeing both a loved relative and a loved friend experience the fear and uncertainty of the dark unknown that a diagnosis of cancer brings.

But, if St Francis will forgive the misquote, where there is darkness, there are always those who bring light and where there is despair, there are always those who bring hope. This is exactly why I want to support the charity Run 4 Cancer on 21st April. They work tirelessly to bring joy into the lives of both patients and their families, making things just that little bit brighter, helping people to cope just that little bit better.

It will be an absolute privilege to run the London Marathon and know that in some small way I have helped Run 4 Cancer in their wonderful work.”


Natalie Greenaway Runs London
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