New Website Launched

20 December 2022

After a few ‘false starts’ the new Run 4 Cancer is now finally live! It has taken us two years to get to this point so you can imageine our elation when we got this project over the ‘finish line’.

AND it was a significant task! Our old website which went live over ten years ago had several thousand pages on it – mostly news items about our amazing group of supporters who were undertaking some form of running event in support of the charity.

However, due to the costs of running a large website, we decided to streamline the amount of content we display going forward. Sadly, this means that we have had to archive a lot of former news items which told the stories of all the amazing people we have met along the way.

If we have ‘archived’ a news item which featured you or one of your friends or relatives and would like it re-instated, please let us know! We’d be very happy to oblige!

Whilst you are here, please do look around our ‘new look’ website and tell us if we have made any gaffs or spelling mistakes. If you spot a broken link or an image which isn’t loading correctly we would be incredibly grateful if you could let us know.

Our new portfolio of charity running events in 2023 has also been launched. From ‘fun runs’ to 10Ks, half marathons to ultra-marathons and triathlons, there is something for everyone! We’d be delighted if you considered running for us in one of these events. We often have free or subsidised places to give away too so please do get in touch if we can help with a place!

AND don’t worry if you’re not an experienced runner. Lots of our supporters jog or walk to raise funds for us so please don’t worry if you’d rather take things at a more sedate pace. Lots of our events cater for hikers too so please take a look to see which event is the right one for you.

Of course, we may not feature an event which you’d like to take part in so please do get in touch if we’ve missed an event which you think is right for us. No matter where the event is, we can usually organise a place for you. We have a broad range of contacts within the running events world so please feel free to make contact. We’d love to hear from you!

All that remains to say is thank you to all the people who continue to do amazing things to help families going through very difficult times. We cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU !!!!

Run 4 Cancer – About Us

Set up by a team of running enthusiasts, all of whom have lost a family member or a friend to cancer, Run 4 Cancer is primarily a provider of days out and short-breaks for British families affected by cancer. We also make grants to UK based care institutions and support research into the positive effects of exercise (e.g. running) and how it can help with cancer prevention and recovery.

New Website Launched
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