Run 4 Cancer was set up in 2012 by a group of keen runners who had all lost a close relative or friend to cancer. Run 4 Cancer is a standalone division of the 4 Cancer Group which was set up in 2001.

By taking part in a range of sports (including running), the charity's founders discovered that they could switch off from the realities of the situation they faced at home, albeit for only a short time. Furthermore, physical exercise helped them to re-charge their batteries and stay strong for the people who needed their help the most.

The charity's founders also discovered what they collectively call "the power of the holiday". Day trips away or longer holidays gave each family something to look forward to after the family member with cancer had an operation or a course of treatment. They also provided precious memories when someone later went on to die.

Such periods of respite, proved to be of huge value for all concerned. The '4 Cancer' concept hatched from these basic principles. In 2001, the charity's founders decided to set up a charity in the hope that other families would benefit in the same way.

In setting up a specialist cancer respite charity with a sporting focus, the Founders also hoped to promote participation in a wide range of sporting activities. In doing so, the charity hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle with the overall aim of improving quality of life and reducing the incidence of the disease.

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