Sell Your Old Kit And Help Run 4 Cancer

03 February 2014

Sell your old sports kit and help Run 4 Cancer!

Have you got any old ski boots or clothing knocking about at home which you haven’t worn in ages? Why not sell it on eBay and generate some much neede funds for Run 4 Cancer!

You can choose how much of the final selling amount you pass on to Run 4 Cancer, from 10% to 100%. No final selling fees apply to items sold on eBay where 100% of the proceeds are passed to a charity.

What’s more, the amount passed over to Run 4 Cancer is subject to Gift Aid (assuming you are a UK tax payer). That means an item sold for £50 is actually worth £62.50 to Run 4 Cancer!

And that’s not all! You’ll be able to account for the value of the donation in your tax return and obtain a tax benefit as a result!

Please Note: When listing an item, the usual listing fee applies. However, when the item sells, this listing fee is credited back to your eBay account. Consequently, there is no cost to you when selling an item for the benefit of a charity on eBay.

To find out more, visit our homepage on eBay:

To list an item on eBay for Run 4 Cancer’s benefit, click on the “Sell an item” button on the right of our homepage.

Thank you very much indeed for your support!

Sell Your Old Kit And Help Run 4 Cancer
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