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Thank You Most Sincerely For The Delightful Holiday

I am writing on behalf of myself and my wife Christine to thank you most sincerely for the delightful holiday we enjoyed recently at ‘The Retreat’, Sivota. Initially we were stupefied at the idea of being given such a magnificent gift. At the airport nervous feelings crept in to the extent that any moment we expected to be tapped on the shoulder and hear someone say that it was all a mistake.

After a pleasant flight we arrived in Greece to a warm reception from Neilson’s staff, cold towels, fruit juices and friendly greetings. Arriving at ‘the retreat’ we met the first of many gradients which are a feature of the complex. Not to worry though! Plenty of cheery staff to carry bags to rooms!

At dinner that night we had our first taste of the splendid food provided. This excellent standard was maintained throughout our fortnight’s stay. Next day’s arrival briefing continued the caring friendly atmosphere engendered by the staff. Anyone wishing to participate in any of the many activities was directed towards their relevant experts.

The Resort Director made it clear in his briefing that one could relax hard as well as participate hard in the activities. At our advanced ages this was largely what we chose to do. However, for those still young or young to middle aged, the activity schedule was quite mind blowing.

The attitude of the staff towards us was amazing. At no time were we made to feel that we were anything less than honoured guests. There seemed to be no barrier between us and the largely young staff. Other guests were friendly and sociable. Even here, there seemed to be no age barrier.

For years now I have lived by the precept ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’. Now however, we were being given breakfast and dinner as well, every day, all in the most agreeable circumstances! In the end, we did participate in a few activities, going out in a two man canoe, and in a Laser. This last activity though suffered from lack of wind!

We were amused at the survey form presented before departure. The first question asked ‘What was the main activity you engaged in during your stay?’ To this I replied “Passenger in powerboat”. The next question asked ‘What standard did you attain in this activity?’ ANSWER? “Expert”!

One again our thanks to all concerned for making it possible for us to enjoy ourselves so hugely. When we arrived home a letter was waiting for me from the specialist treating me for Prostate cancer. For the preceding month I had been taking the prescription Specfic, and also the herbal version. Two weeks before the trip my PSA reading (Prostate Specific Antigens) had reached 28, having previously been 8 and 16. A normal healthy man’s reading is 4. The specialist had told me that surgeons will not operate on a man with a reading in excess of 20. My reading is now 10.8! I would not suggest that my stay at the Retreat lowered my PSA reading. However it definitely improved my state of mind.

Our best wishes to all concerned in your operations. May they be crowned with every success. Christine and I are retired. If we can help your operations in any capacity please do not hesitate to ask us.



Thank You Most Sincerely For The Delightful Holiday
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