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Brian Has Gained A Lot Of Self Confidence

It is with much gratitude I write to thank you for your very kind sponsorship of my husband Brian, to sail with “Gentle Adventures”.

We have had some fabulous trips out in the Solent this year, most in lovely sunshine, and all in the great company of Gillian and Jon Anderson. They both seem to know Brian’s needs and abilities so well, and Brian has gained such confidence in their companionship and under Jon’s watchful skipper’s eye. Gillian says that the boat seems to be a natural environment for Brian.

Indeed, Brian has gained a lot of self confidence and stamina with the regular trips. He clearly thoroughly enjoys being back out on the water, and it helps him with his short term memory difficulties, and encourages him to use his long term memory with reminiscences about the years he sailed with his uncle as a teenager. He is stronger and doesn’t tire so easily. His balance is much improved, and he has gained confidence in moving around the boat because of this.

Brian continues to have health problems, but thankfully, his latest MRI brain scan shows that the third tumour diagnosed in 1998 remains small and stable at this time, and we hope it continues to be so.

We are very grateful for your kind and generous sponsorship, and would like to continue sailing with Gentle Adventures if possible, as it is clearly of great benefit to Brian. If you feel able to offer continued sponsorship we would be extremely grateful, to enable Brian to sail for as long as he is well enough to do so.

Our best wishes to you.




Brian Has Gained A Lot Of Self Confidence
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